Ways To Mould A Child As A More Confident Child

A Confident Child :

Parents would like to raise their children as a Confident Child. We all dream about it.

Just think how nice it would be to have a Confident Child.

But for many of us it still may remain as a question as to how? 

Remember, moulding a child to become more confident should start from  home and these qualities do not come automatically.We parents should play an important role to build their confidence. 

Confidence is an important capsule in everyone’s life, be it a child.  

For a child to become confident it’s important that we help them to understand and make them have positive perception of their abilities. 

We should play a very important role in moulding our child helping them to understand their strengths and to work on their weaknesses.

It’s important we encourage them with the words that build confidence in them, be it for their small or big achievements. It is closely related to their mental and physical health. 

Lack of self-confidence may often be a reason for their low self-esteem and their behavior, leading to behavioral problems.

Remember our child will come across and will get exposed to both the positive and negative influences. 

It’s our responsibility to help them in cherishing their positives and to come out of their negatives. 

Here are a few good ways to mould a child as a more confident child.

Should start from their Birth:

Yes, you have read it right! Teaching the kids to be confident should start as early as from their birth.

Remember even babies can be confident and it’s important we develop this confidence in them. 

This can start with simple things like attending to their needs immediately when required, making them understand that we are listening to their needs and we are there for them thus making them feel they are important to us, creating confidence in them. 

Encourage them with Small Challenges:

We have to encourage them with small challenges and it’s one of the powerful tools to build self-confidence in a child.

It’s one of the best ways for us to guide them and mould them in becoming better and better by their little accomplishments. 

They may not be able to accomplish the tasks and the challenges at the beginning itself and they may even get frustrated.

It’s when we stand next to them and teach them the winning strategies thus facilitating them to win.

Remember the hope and the support we give will make a big impact making them confident. 

Our small words like go try, try again, go get it, you can, you did it! can make a big difference.
Compliment and Celebrate their Achievements: 

Remember kids need constant and good amount of encouragement. It’s important we do not forget to compliment and celebrate their achievements.

Praise them if it’s required and help them to realize the importance and greatness of their accomplishments which is worth celebrating.

Help them in taking Good Decisions:

It’s important we help our child in taking their own decisions where they can be allowed to.

Its good we help them in brain storming.

We can remain just a facilitator making them take decisions with confidence.

Encourage their Special Interests: 

It’s very important we help and encourage them to find their passion by exposing them to the best activities possible and take advantage of them.  

Building a passion towards their interests and developing a hobby is extremely necessary to boost the child’s confidence.

It’s proved that confidence they gain by taking up these special interests will help them to be successful and come out with flying colors.

Raise them as Thinking and Problem Solving child: 

It’s necessary we inculcate the ability of thinking and problem solving in children to improve their confidence. 

Children Who Think Differently, Behave Differently says Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D. 

She says raising a thinking child, helps a child to resolve everyday conflicts and get along with others.    

Read this article in detail at – http://www.thinkingpreteen.com

Additionally, if required the book can be purchased from Amazon and Flipkart. 

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Encourage them to practice a Sport or Physical Activity:

I personally feel the best way to make children practice, to improve themselves and achieve their goals is by encouraging them to practice a sport or a physical activity they like. 

They benefit the children in understanding their strengths, handle defeat if any and help them work on their weaknesses  and turn their defeats to success. 

This will also help them in staying fit, thus helping to boost their confidence.

Hope these few ways would help us mould our children to become more confident. 

A Confident Child :
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