Things That May Ruin Our Work Day Productivity

Work Day Productivity
Work Day Productivity :

In the present corporate world the expectation would always be “Deliver more than expected”.

 Always being more productive.

We all know the fact that time is money. It’s expected that every minute of our office hours should be Productive.

Here I come with few things that may ruin our Work Day Productivity. It is important we avoid them to be productive.

Excessive Multitasking:

Professionals are always expected to wear the ability of multitasking as a badge of honor. Multitasking is good but not too many and especially not our personal tasks at office. E.g. Planning or booking tickets for next vacation, usage of excessive social media, planning for a social gathering etc.

Work Day Productivity
Work Day Productivity :

Lack of Planning:

Planning, planning, and planning, Very important in the present day professional life. Plan and have all the things set to complete all the tasks and projects well ahead.

Lack of being prepared:

It’s expected in the present corporate world that we are prepared for something sudden and unexpected. We may have lost of Friday evenings where many of us may be in the weekend mood and there may be something sudden and unexpected peeping in. These tasks may sometime take our weekend too.

Remember being prepared for such sort of surprises is very important.

It’s also very important that we are planned and prepared in turning around the present tasks and assignments so that we may be able to take up the unexpected without a definite “NO”.  Remember how good we are on our day to day task we will also be judged on our positive abilities of being prepared.

Not being organized: 

Being organized is the other important thing. One of the ways to increase the productivity and that would work is to have a clean and organized workstation. The first thing what seams harmless is it eliminates being distracted.

Lack of healthy habits:

Healthy habits and healthy lifestyle will definitely contribute to being more productive. A day will definitely be more productive that gets started with a good diet, a good sleep with a good set of exercises.

Studies show that people with good intake of fruits and vegetables daily are more creative, engaged and remain focused thus improving productivity.

Sitting for long periods:

Sitting for long periods will definitely impact our production. Spending too long sitting in a chair and working on computer continuously may also cause several health problems. It’s important we practice taking a small breaks from desk at regular intervals like just going out for some fresh air, doing some simple desk exercises etc.

 Remember these are proven to be more productive than sitting continuously for long periods.

All Other Distractions:

Any form of the distraction at work place is another killer of productivity. It’s always important to keep one less distracted to be more productive. The distractions can be in any form like having a messy desk, having a clock at the desk and having a watch on it regularly and constantly

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