The Best Ways To Teach Our Children The Art Of Losing Gracefully

ways to teach the children the art of losing gracefully, art of losing gracefully
The Art Of Losing Gracefully :

In the journey of life we win sometimes and lose sometimes. It’s part of life and inevitable.

It is said that “The difference in winning and losing is most often… not quitting”.

Also remember it is important that we accept losing and work better to win.

It is because we learn more from losing and how to keep going.

It becomes extremely important that we teach our children these lessons early in their life.

Do remember the art of losing gracefully does not come naturally as it is an art that needs to be practiced.

It needs to be taught and has to be learnt where it becomes important that our children practice the art of losing with dignity.

Teach them there is no success without failure and no winning without losing.

So here are a few best ways to teach our children the art of losing gracefully.

Start from the family:

A research says that a child will start having a desire to win against their siblings.

This can be part of the sibling rivalry that needs to be handled with care.

It’s because they respond and act similarly in the competitions in the outside world. 

It’s important we as parents praise the efforts they have showcased in the game than comparing one with the other.

It’s required that they learn winning and losing is not important and understand that it’s fun and pleasure playing with siblings.

Start with giving them healthy challenges:

Yes, it is important we start giving our children the healthy challenges.

These healthy and complex challenges help the children to start experiencing the competition in a positive way.

The best way to start is by asking them to break their own records.

This is a tremendous booster of self confidence which improves their concentration and one of the best ways of learning and accepting losing if they cannot beat at the first instance.

Just teach them that winning is giving their best possible and losing is where there is room for improvement.

Teach them as to how to bounce back after losing by taking it gracefully, learn from the experience and try for winning. 

Teach them to be respectable winner and also loser:

As kept posted it’s important that our children learn to respect both winning and losing.

It’s the fact that both parties wish to win but only one wins.It’s important they do not feel down and disappointed when they lose.

They need to learn and accept both winning and losing ,if they win encourage the opponent and if they lose congratulate the winner.

This will make them sportive and make them learn to face the losses if any with dignity.

Help them to analyse and practice analyzing both winning and losing:

Because both winning and losing provides an opportunity to analyse and will definitely have a room of improvement and learning.

We need to teach them to analyse this and constantly keep learning to become better.

I personally feel this is one of the best ways to become better.

Teach and encourage Perseverance:

It’s important we teach them and encourage perseverance, because the fact is many of us cannot succeed at first and just by once.

Success and failures are common, teach them not to give up if they lose. 

Teach them the words in the book “My Life and work (1922)” by Henry Ford and Samuel Crowther that “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”.

So that they will be able to accept their losing gracefully.

Teach and emphasize in giving the best:

It’s necessary we teach them and emphasize them in giving their best each time and help them realize that they are becoming better and better each time and not bothering much about winning and losing.

They should be able to realize their improvement areas, be positive and work towards winning.

Hope these few ways will help in teaching our children the art of losing gracefully and work  towards winning.

The art of losing gracefully, teaching our children the art of losing gracefully
The Art Of Losing Gracefully :

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