The Best Ways To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

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Art Of Public Speaking :

It is said that “The Art of Communication is the language of Leadership.” 

The way we communicate and create an impact is an art to be practiced, more importantly in a public speaking and this should become our language as we grow up our professional ladder.

Remember we may all have to speak to a group of audience in our professional life like addressing our team, training them, inspiring and motivating them, presenting something to our clients, anything for that matter.

Just remember a great experience we had listening to a wonderful speaker who inspired and motivated us with their uplifting words.

We will definitely remember our successful leaders/top management who have spoken effectively in public making the impact.

We should understand that public speaking is just not an act that can be delivered, but it’s an art that has to be mastered.

The fact is we can also master this art with our will and dedication.

If so why not we Master It?? 

Remember our dedication and devotion to master the art by keeping in mind these tips will help all of us to become good in public speaking no matter how we were earlier.

Here are a few best ways to master the Art of Public Speaking.

Try coming out of the Fear of Public Speaking:

For many of us the fear of public speaking may be the root cause for our setback. We may be good at speaking, communicate efficiently and express our thoughts and feelings and make the counterpart understand what we wanted to tell in one to one conversations.   

But to talk in public our fear may be a barrier.

Remember just the fear should never be a barrier when we are good at something. 

It’s important we constantly work on coming out of this fear.

To come out of this we can start talking to the groups we know, start talking on the topics we are good at, starting with small talks etc.

Know our Audience:

When we want to speak to a group, we may want to speak to them with a specific reason.

It’s very important we know our audience first and prepare accordingly.

For example we may have to give a presentation to a new client, we have to have a clear picture of our new client like who they are, where are they from – keeping in mind the 
cultural and language barriers if any, the expectations if any, the time frame etc.

It’s important we keep in mind as to who our audience are and what impact will it create. 

This will help us to have self confidence and will make the presentation better. 

Be prepared:

Being prepared and getting ourselves ready for the talk is very important.

We may come across many talks where the presenter talks effortlessly, but remember this is due to tremendous amount of the effort they would have put as part of homework.

It’s good we rehearse if time permits multiple times, if there is a big presentation to be made.

Remember practice makes a man perfect.

We may have specific goal to be achieved, it’s important we have a mind-set to achieve it. 

Find a style that work for us:

It’s important we find a style that suits the need as different events may need different types of styles and approach.

If we are to talk about the fact and figures and big numbers we may have to write it if we feel we may forget so that they become handy or if we are good in memorizing that will be a good option.

This will help in gaining the concentration of the audiences.

Practice in front of a mirror:

Practicing in front of a mirror is a great way to learn and rehearse too.

It will help us to get a better picture about self.

It will help us to understand our facial movements, body language, tone and modulation movements and thus helping us to judge ourselves.

Body language:

Body language plays a important role in efficient and effective communication.

It is the way we communicate to the world non-verbally through our physical behavior. 

As kept posted in my earlier article: “A Few Body Language Mistakes That Are To Be Avoided At Workplace ” please follow them to make the presentation more effective.

Get to audience side when required:

It’s very important that we turn to our audience when required.

This can help both us and audience making the talk more effective.

For us once we get on the audience side, this will help us to connect to them faster and this will help us to come out of the fear of public speaking if any and make us feel more comfortable and our speech can become easier and more importantly effective.

Audience sometimes may want to feel that we are on their side and we respect them and honor them.

When we start noticing that we are able to connect to the audience and they connecting to us, we may start noticing them concentrating on our talk, nodding to our statements, smiling for a joke if cracked etc.

This is a sign that we are mastering the Art of public speaking.

Be confidence and Command Attention:

It’s very important that we are first confident on what we are going to speak.

The hard work with a constant practice that we put will make us confident day by day if we have time for a better preparation. 

This will help us to command attention of the audience. 

To understand more as to How to command attention read the article “Public Speaking : How to Command Attention”. by Diane Gottsman.

Ask for Feedback:

Remember to master the art of public speaking its important we constantly take the feedback.

It is a good option if we can create a feedback form and have it handy to share it with the audiences.

To start with the form can cover the questions related to content and delivery. 

Taking the timely feedback is crucial as this will help us in working on our improvement areas if any and help us to become better and better.

 Additionally there are good books available online on Public Speaking that can be purchased based on our needs.

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The Best Ways To Master The Art Of Public Speaking, art of public speaking, public speaking techniques, importance of public speaking, public speaking examples, public speaking skills for students, for a better me and you
Art Of Public Speaking :

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