Teaching Kids Accountability And Responsibility

Teaching Kids Accountability And Responsibility, accountability and responsibility in kids
Teaching Kids Accountability And Responsibility : 

We parents play an important role in teaching our kids the accountability and responsibility for their actions. 

Every one of us want our kids to be the best with the best traits. The traits that most of us as parents would love from our kids will be that they become one whom others can count on, being accountable for their behavior, able to acknowledge their mistakes if any, learn from them and finally meeting their commitments.

The key for their success can be being accountable and responsible.The fact is that many kids have a tendency in avoiding taking responsibility for their actions, especially if they feel that they may get into trouble. In such cases it becomes a bigger responsibility for us to teach them the accountability and responsibility for the activities they do.

The first step, I personally feel important is that they learn to judge what is good and bad, stay away from bad actions. We need to help them in understanding the effects of their actions, this I feel is half job done. They should feel proud about the actions they are going to do and also be able to judge what society is going to feel about it.

Before I start the ways to make children accountable and responsible for their actions, I share a fact that has to be remembered and all comes next. The fact is –

Children see, children Do: 

The universal fact we all have to accept is that children see, do. Children learn most of the things by watching us. They learn from our actions.They will feel that it’s normal and can be an accepted way and behave in the same manner. 

They grow up watching us, the people around us, act the same and become the same. It’s important we think on this and act accordingly. Every action we take, we should feel proud of self, accountable and responsible so that our children see them and follow us.

This, I feel is a prerequisite before we think and look at the other ways.

Hope we take this seriously, follow and additionally try the other ways listed below

Start when they are young: 

It’s very important we start when they are young. It’s the fact that we cannot expect sudden and immediate changes when we feel it’s important and we may be late by then. 
So it’s always better we start when the kids are small so that they develop the habit of being accountable and responsible for their actions because small kids have a tendency of blaming others for their actions if something goes wrong, this habit of blaming others should disappear from them so that they start taking up the responsibility.

Help in building their self-confidence and self-esteem:

Research shows that kids who are self-confident are more responsible.They are good at judging and deciding what they have to work on, stick to it till they complete it, ask for help and solve the problems they come across, keeping in mind their strengths and constantly working on their weaknesses and they may also be willing to try new things and tasks by taking up its accountability and responsibility.

Praise them for their good work:

Remember children do need praise for their good work as we do.They should be able to understand that we are proud of their accomplishments and we will always be happy if they do something good. This will make them think next time as to what they are going to do, judge whether it’s good or bad and consequences there on. 

This will automatically make them to go in correct direction, take the responsibility and accountability for their actions and finally deserve a praise for their accomplishments.

The above are the few ways I feel can help in teaching our kids their accountability and responsibility for their actions.

Teaching Kids Accountability And Responsibility, accountability and responsibility in kids
Teaching Kids Accountability And Responsibility :

Do please share your thoughts on this, make this reach to your family and friends if you feel this can be of help.

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