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Step By Step Guide To Get Motivated And Become The Better Version Of Self

Step By Step Guide To Get Motivated And Become The Better Version Of Self, motivation, get motivated
Step By Step Guide To Get Motivated And Become The Better Version Of Self –

 Our Motivation Determines What We Do And How We Behave.

Motivation is the reason for our actions. Motivation makes us behave in a particular manner and it also makes us repeat a specific type of behavior. It is extremely important for us to get and stay motivated to become successful and achieve our desired goals. 

It is said that our habits are the driving forces for our day to day achievements and Success. Studies reveal that more than 40% of our daily decisions are driven by our habits. 

The million-dollar question here is how to practice the skill of getting and staying motivated by maintaining the momentum thus making it a habit.

Here, I share a step by step guide to get motivated and become the better version of self

Take Small Steps – To start with :

Staying motivated is a skill to be practiced and a habit to be developed. It’s important we take small steps to start with.This is because working and building a new habit requires good commitment and willpower to take it forward. Take small steps with tiny goals that are easy to start and more importantly with those which can keep us motivated by maintaining the same level of excitement and enthusiasm day long. Start doing the things we enjoy by taking simple steps subsequently making it a habit. This method will help us to create a life long habit that helps us to succeed by keeping us motivated.

Practice Self- Determination : 

Self-determination is a process where we control self and our life. Few of us usually learn to practice this from our childhood itself with the small decisions we take and to achieve them. For me, I feel Self- determination will keep us motivated as it is a combination of our skills, knowledge, and beliefs that can help us to achieve our goals. This is because it helps us to understand our own strengths and limitations, helps us to judge our capabilities and improve our self confidence.

Own Responsibility : 

It is feeling responsible for our actions and failures. Additionally taking the ownership of our  behavior and the consequences of that behavior. Owning the responsibility by enduring the choices in life is a benchmark for us in becoming successful. Taking responsibility for our life and ownership of our mistakes is useful in many ways. It allows us to make better decisions as we learn from our mistakes. This will help us to develop self-respect, to be respected and more importantly will keep us motivated. 

Stay Healthy and Fit :

Staying healthy and fit does not happen by accident. It requires efforts, smart lifestyle and better stress-free choices in life. Remember our mental health is determined by our physical health. So, It’s important we take care of self to stay healthy and fit thus making us stay motivated. 

Reward Self :

Do you have milestones set? This is essential to track our progress. The progress we make is the outcome of our hard work and the efforts we have put in to achieve them. It’s important we recognize them and reward self so that they can make us feel good about ourselves and keep us motivated to accomplish our future goals. 

Take Timely Feedback :

Asking timely feedback from the right people is one of the best ways to stay motivated. Taking them into consideration while progressing is one of the pathways to success. Constant and consistent feedback can help to gain a better understanding about our tasks those help us to achieve our goals. This is one of the ways we get advice from great minds and they can help us to find the solutions for the roadblocks we may face and keep us going..  

I am sure these simple step by step guide may help us to stay motivated and help us to become the better version of self.

Step By Step Guide To Get Motivated And Become The Better Version Of Self, motivated, motivation
Step By Step Guide To Get Motivated And Become The Better Version Of Self –

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