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Simple But Effective Discipline Techniques To Mold A Child

Simple But Effective Discipline Techniques To Mold A Child,child discipline methods, ways to discipline a child
Simple But Effective Discipline Techniques To Mold A Child :

Discipline is the fuel of achievement and is the foundation upon which all success is built.

We may notice that kids may behave differently with different people and in different places. We may sometimes be surprised and sometimes be embarrassed with their behavior. We may even sometimes feel it would be good if we could control them with click of button that makes them disciplined. 

Every one of us as a parent want them to be the reason of our smile and happiness. This requires transforming them as a disciplined child. We have to remember that one day they will take their own steps and it’s all our responsibility to make sure they take right steps and in disciplined manner. It’s good to build a disciplined child than repairing a broken child.  

Before starting, remember discipline is never in the form of punishment. The word ‘Discipline’ is originated from a Latin word “Disciplinare,” which ideally means “To Teach”. It’s the way to guide and manage a Child’s behavior. Discipline mainly depends on the quality of care we show and the relationship we build in transforming them as a better child.  It’s our responsibility to ensure that these relationships are trustworthy, caring and respectable.

We need to work and develop discipline strategies that can mold them as better citizens and who can take better decisions.The strategies we follow should be balanced by giving enough freedom to the children to make and take their decisions and at the same time safeguard them from any unhealthy situations.

Here, I share some Simple And Effective Discipline Techniques: 

Praise And Reward Good Behavior:

Simple but an effective way and this can work at all stages. Children usually at all stages expect praise and rewards for the good work they do. Praise the efforts they put into following the discipline strategies we set. Additionally do reward when they do something good. It’s important we realize the importance of praising and rewarding as they can create wonders. They will help in boosting the child’s self-confidence and is a form of encouragement to keep them trying and do their best as this will make them understand that we are proud of their accomplishments. 

Don’t Enforce And Expect 100% Perfection:

Remember even we cannot be perfect always. So it would be unrealistic to except our child to be perfect always. Looking out for 100% perfection may even some times carry adverse effects.This can turn as a stress full act to both parents and kids and kids may start losing their control due to the stress and the tension. It’s important we set realistic and achievable goals so that they succeed. 

Enforce Prevention – An effective Form Of Discipline:

It is said that prevention is a great form of discipline. It is also a self-help and self-esteem booster. Planning and being proactive plays an important role here. E.g. If we don’t want our children watch something on the TV or a computer, prevent them by unsubscribing those channels or simple set parental locks.This simple form of prevention can prevent them in doing so thus making us to spend quality time with our children than arguments and fights in the house.Try engaging them in productive and healthy activities by preventing them from unhealthy means.

Help Them In Problem Solving: 

We may notice our children exhibiting some specific behavioral issues. It’s important we sit with them solve these problems. Working together on finding out strategies help them to come out of these problems and can help children improving their confidence levels, build better relationships and harmony in the family. 

These are a few simple but effective discipline techniques to mold a child.

For more ways do read the book: Discipline Without Distress by Judy Arnall from Amazon.  

Simple But Effective Discipline Techniques To Mold A Child, ways to discipline a child, child discipline methods
Simple But Effective Discipline Techniques To Mold A Child :

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