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Simple And Smart Ways To Keep Our Kids Healthy This Summer

Simple And Smart Ways To Keep Our Kids Healthy This Summer, summer health tips, kids health summer.
Simple And Smart Ways To Keep Our Kids Healthy This Summer : 

It’s Summer Time, the most awaited and anticipated time for all kids. It’s the time they would like to make use of the best by enjoying their vacation.

Most of them may prefer outdoor games and activities despite of hot weather.

But for us, especially for working parents it may be a tough time to keep our kids engaged and happy. We may not prefer our kids to spend their summer in front of the TVs or Computers. Keeping them engaged is a tough job as kids may be prone to some mishaps and may fall ill/sick due to their adventures and also climate.

We may need them to stay active, occupied and  healthy during this summer and may want to make sure that they get most of this summer and head back to school happily with good memories to share with their friends. 

To make this happen, it becomes very important for every parent to take special precautions to keep them healthy and to build some active and good habits in them. 

Here, I share a few Simple and smart ways to keep our kids healthy this summer out of my learnings –

Keep Them Hydrated

Approximately 70% of our body is composed of fluids, so it’s very important to keep them hydrated. Give them good amount of fluids that can help them to withstand the hot climate. Water is the best source, they taking adequate water can directly contribute to our kid’s health. Additionally milk, coconut water and fresh home-made fruit juices can also help. These fresh fruits and vegetable juices can also take care of their skin keeping them healthier. It would be good if we can keep them hydrated in a healthy way without giving them processed sugary drinks that can be harmful. 

Increase Their Fruits And Vegetables Intake:

As they play a lot they may even feel hungry often.They may be more interested in some quick bites and processed snacks. We may not be able to prevent them totally in having them when they are out with friends but we can definitely replace them when they are with us.Try fresh fruits and vegetable salads they like. Fruits and vegetables with good water source can be a great option to keep them cool and even healthy. Fruits like Oranges, Watermelons, Grapes, Pineapples, Apples etc. and vegetables like Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Beetroot etc. can help. 

Additionally snaking them with a handful of dry fruits  be it almonds, cashews etc. can also be good choice to keep them healthy.

Set A Schedule:

Though it’s a tough task it would be a great idea.This is because they may want to sleep more, watch TV for long hours and even if possible stay awake playing.These habits may totally change their daily routine and may become tough to get back to normal once the school starts. It’s important we make sure that they wake up and go to bed as usual and plan their fun activities during the day. Do not skip their schedules for their studies and homework so that they remember their subjects.    

Train Them To Play And Walk In Shades:

It would be good if we can avoid them playing or going out in the noon as the temperature is high, but we may not be able restrict them always.Train them that they choose to play and walk in shades where they may not get in direct contact with sun. Additionally make sure they wear a cap, sun glasses and apply sunscreen lotion as they will protect them from any harmful rays.Train them to carry an umbrella if they have to go out in the noon for something unavoidable. 

Encourage Them To Have Multiple Baths:

Encourage them to take bath with luck warm water, 3-4 times a day as they tend to sweat a lot. This will help in lowering the effect of heat and also reduce the risk of skin diseases. . This can additionally make them to stay indoors and can keep them busy for some time.Teaching them swimming can also be a good option.

Hope these Simple and Smart ways will help us to keep our kids healthy this Summer. Happy Summer Vacation!!
Simple And Smart Ways To Keep Our Kids Healthy This Summer, summer health tips, kids health summer.
Simple And Smart Ways To Keep Our Kids Healthy This Summer :
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