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Simple And Smart Tips To A Greener LifeStyle

Simple And Smart Tips To A Greener LifeStyle,Ways to live green in your everyday life, how to live a green lifestyle.
Simple And Smart Tips To A Greener LifeStyle :

With the changes and tremendous growth happening around us, I feel it’s our responsibility to adapt and follow a Greener Lifestyle respecting our Mother Nature. There are quite innovative and wonderful ways where we can transform ourselves towards Green Lifestyle.

Many of us may be ready and willing to go for clean and green lifestyle, but may not be sure as to where to begin from??

We need not start with big changes; there are good number of ways to start our green life with our simple day to day activities and may apply to all of us.

Here I Share A Few Simple And Smart Tips To A Greener Lifestyle

Reduce Wastage And Learn To Preserve:

A simple but an effective way. There are a lot of things we waste. Especially fruits, vegetables and food. Roughly one third of the food produced gets wasted. This food if not wasted can feed millions of people dying from hunger and can save our Mother Nature.

The saddest part is most of it gets wasted at the consumption stage. This wastage can be reduced to tremendous extent if we learn and follow preserving techniques.

I, personally have noticed in the recent days that leaving little in the plate is common, people don’t like to empty their plate fully especially in social gatherings and parties. A small change in this behavior can save tons of food daily and can turn a life saver for some one. Think!!

Do watch my YouTube video on – Food Waste : Around the Globe.

Grow Own:

Growing for self can benefit us in many ways. This is one of the best ways to have our own fruits and vegetables. Spending time in our garden by growing self will get us a full body workout than spending on gym or others, it is also a stress buster and more importantly can be a safe, chemical free food as we may practice organic ways. There are many innovative ways which can be explored to effectively utilize the very small place we may have to grow for self, so that the space may not become a constraint in this urbanization.

Conserve Water:

Remember every drop of water counts. There are millions of gallons of water that gets wasted daily, be it in our bathrooms, kitchens and more importantly to keep our cars and bikes clean.

World health organization recommends 2 gallons per person daily in order to meet most of the requirements in most of the conditions and around 5 gallons a day to meet even the other hygiene needs but there are countries where the average usage per person is more than 100 gallons a day and this is growing. This should be an eye opener on the wastage that is happening.

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Reduce Fuel Consumption In Day To Day Transit :

Remember there are millions of gallons of fuel consumed every day. A family of four may have four or some times even more four wheelers not just to meet the needs but also their tastes and preferences. People now a days use a four wheeler even for a short distance where it could closed by walking.

We may prefer SUV’s, super and faster cars just for our day to commute where the consumption of fuel may be doubled compared to fuel efficient vehicles.

On the other side the fact is transportation contributes more than half of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides and additionally more than 1/4th of the hydrocarbons that gets emitted into the air. This air pollution have a significant risk to our health and more importantly to the environment.

This can be drastically controlled if we can reduce our fuel consumption by taking walks where ever possible,by car pooling and if possible using public transport etc.

Reduce And Practice Proper Waste Management:

Waste and it’s management is one of the main environment issues and concern. The cheapest, most effective and the best ways is by reducing the amount of waste generated. Make sure that there is effective and optimum utilization of all the resources we use reducing waste. Reuse if possible and recycle if not used should be our ways for the effective waste management.


It’s one of the widespread and also mostly adapted methods for going green. It carries multiple benefits starting from the reduced consumption of raw materials, energy utilization, reduced pollution and reduced incineration. By practicing recycling our planet earth will look much better.

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Hope these few ‘Simple and Smart Tips To A Greener Lifestyle‘ help us to become better..

Simple And Smart Tips To A Greener LifeStyle, Ways to Live Green in Your Everyday Life, How to Live A Green Lifestyle
Simple And Smart Tips To A Greener LifeStyle :

Do please share your comments and thoughts if any and also share with your family and friends if this can be of help..  

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