How To Become Future Leaders And Influencers – For An Aspiring Leader In Us

Future Leaders And Influencers,For An Aspiring Leader In Us
How To Become Future Leaders And Influencers :

How To Become Future Leaders And Influencers : 

LEADERSHIP is about making others BETTER as a result of our presence and making sure that this impact lasts even in our ABSENCE.  

A Leader becomes great not by the power but because of the ability to empower others.

Remember becoming a true leader is not just growing up the corporate ladder by just the promotions based on tenure.There is much more.

To become a Good leader we must lead the way. We should be able to transform the vision by putting it into action and make a reality.

To become a successful leader we will need to develop the desired skills, have self-awareness, become a public speaker and develop strategic thinking. 

Here are a few ways to become future leaders and Influencers

Start as a great follower:

It is said that great leaders start as great followers. Have a role model in life who is a great leader. 

There can be lot we can learn from them to become a good leader.

Even they would have started their humble innings from the entry level and would have grown up the professional ladder. 

Remember without followers there cannot be a leader who can lead. 

To understand better read the article “Great Leaders start off as great followers” on Linked 

a. By Kimiya Namdar – HR manager at ABB – 

b. By Kent Wise – Award Winning Motivational Speaker/Success and Leader ship coach –

Build Relationships & Gain Credibility:

Just being an individual contributor cannot make us become a good leader.

It’s important we understand that backbone for good leadership is the relationships we build and the credibility we gain.

It’s important as an aspiring leader we build our credibility by demonstrating our competence and skills in the role we play and by establishing positive relationships with the fellow employees of the organization.

This will help us to gain good insight on the skills required to become a good leader.

Learn from Leadership Philosophies: 

In the present corporate world every organization would have a repository of leadership philosophies. 

It is important we make use of it, learn from their lessons and experiences and more importantly the best practices available.

This will help us not to reinvent the wheel when we come across the same situations and make us more responsive and effective.

Learn communicating to the Point and Brief: 

In the present corporate world where every minute is counted to be productive it’s important we, to become aspiring leader practice talking to the point and talking in brief.

It is the fact that more we talk, the fewer people pay attention to what we are saying.

Short and simple, crisp and clear should be the approach. 

This will also help us to think clearly and communicate effectively no matter how complex it may be.

Lead by Example: 

It’s important we transform self and become a person who can be a role model to others.

We will have to develop and demonstrate the traits where our team and other employees can take us as an example for responsibilities we play, accountability we take, the transparency we show in the work we perform. 

We can start noticing immediate changes in the people around and the respect they give us once they treat us a person lead by example.

Nurture and build a team of high potential employees:

Remember the fact that under an extraordinary leader’s guidance the team can create wonders.

For this to happen everyone in the team will have a role to play and they have to perform their best.

The goal of the leader would be to develop, build and transform the team who are of high potential.

As a transforming leader it’s important we build such a team and followers. It’s important we lead a team that is passionate for success. 

It’s important we nurture their traits of being high potential and make them flourish.

Create a team bond where one can become a good team player and be loyal to the team.

Start practicing care for the team:

A true leader is one who cares for his team, recognizes them, rewards and nurture them.  

A true leader is one who is ready to help, support and mould the team.

It’s important as a leader to use every opportunity to recognize and reward the team if possible and also additionally recognize the team member’s personal interests that may be unique and worth recognizing so that they feel good and feel respected. 

Remember these personal traits may come handy in some social gatherings. 

These are a few top and smart strategies essential for an aspiring leader.

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Future Leaders And Influencers, For An Aspiring Leader In Us
How To Become Future Leaders And Influencers :

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