Good Habits For A Better And A Healthy Lifestyle

Good Habits For A Better & A Healthy Life Style
Good Habits :

We first make our habits and then our habits make us. Remember we do not decide our future, we decide our habits and they decide our future and lifestyle.  

Our good habits will transform us to become a better person. 

The quality of life and the lifestyle we carry is the reflection of our day to day habits.

Our habits are the pathways for us to become better and succeed in life.

Once we start practicing these habits, these incremental changes will become part of our life and we can notice the transformation in self.

These habits for sure will help in keeping us motivated day long, improving self-belief and self-confidence.

They are needed for every one of us at some point of time.

Remember, we are what we do. It’s the fact that everything we say, do is the outcome of our day to day habits.

Here are a few good habits for a better & a healthy lifestyle

Become an Early Bird:

Early to rise and early to bed is one of the proven ways for a healthy life.

I, personally have started following it and have already started noticing and experiencing the benefits of it. 

Early morning is a peaceful time to start the day with giving us time to be more productive with a fresh start.

It’s the best time to focus on our goals and plan our day ahead.

Similarly, early to bed thus having a good sleep is also important. It’s good if we can get seven to eight hours of sleep daily.

Practice Gratitude: 

Gratitude is one of the pathways to a healthier lifestyle and our success. 

It’s said that a little Gratitude can go a long way. 

It’s always a good practice to be thankful, express our gratitude to people who help us in our professional and personal life thus making our lives better.

It’s good to remember that without the help and the support from our family,friends and  colleagues we would have not been what we are today. 

So it’s necessary we cultivate the attitude of gratitude. 

It is said A “Thnx” a day keeps the Doctor Away. Surprised??

A research predicts that Gratitude will make people happier and healthier.  

Become a Good Listener: 

Every time we listen to some one there is always something new we may know & learn. 

That’s the power of being a good listener and that’s why we should be good listeners.

The best way to learn if we wish to achieve something is to listen to the people who have already achieved it. 

It’s always good to listen what is being spoken, absorb good in it and start putting them into action to achieve our needs.

Become a Good Learner:

As kept posted in my earlier post it’s a very good habit to be a Continuous Learner.

Remember my words and make a resolution like “As long as I live so long do I learn”.

As kept posted, studies reveal that continuous learning is directly associated with a sharper and better memory. 

It’s always good to learn anything good and interesting, keeping us mentally sharper and stronger helping us in meeting our social demands.

Create Morning Routines that we love to start our day with: 

A good start will keep us motivated day long. It’s always good to start the day with the morning routines that keeps us motivated day long and with what we love to start our day with.

These can be like starting our day with some exercises we love, reading some good quotes or an article that motivates us, indulging in a healthy breakfast etc. 

Plan ahead and schedule our day:

Planning our schedule as per the need is one of the best ways to start our day.

It’s one of the best ways where we do not miss important things. It also makes us less stressful and reduces unnecessary pressure as we would be aware of what’s next and manage our time accordingly.

It is proved that we can be more successful when we have a proper set of goals with a proper planning to take them forward.  

Define our Priorities:

It’s always good we question ourselves as to what our priorities on a daily basis, take up and concentrate on the priorities first and park the rest aside. 

Our priorities defines what our focus is and help us to be organized. Its essential we define and have key priorities in life to have a better life.

This will help us not having too many things on our plate and getting confused as to what to start with or do first. 

Have a Evening Routine: 

Evening routine is also as important as the Morning one. It helps us to relax and close our day happily so that we are set for a fresh new day.     

Remember, even the evening routine is prime for our success as it is an organized way to end our day.

Our evening routine can be planning and preparing for the next day, closing the day by reading a good book, listening to music etc. 

Motivate and Inspire Self:

In the present day world it’s good we motivate and inspire self. We may come across many hurdles and obstacles in meeting our goals and they may discourage us.

It’s important that we come out of these troubles effectively and efficiently. 
Do remember we cannot expect someone to motivate and inspire us always. 

It’s important we become a self-motivator. I personally feel one of the best ways to stay motivated day long and in life is by inspiring self regularly.

Manage Finances: 

Yes, managing our finances effectively and efficiently is extremely important for a healthy and a better lifestyle.

Remember a good strategy of saving and investing is by having a proper budget. 

On what we spend is always important so that it takes care of our needy days.

It’s important we understand the importance of saving and investing for our better tomorrow. 

Good and sound financial habits are very important for our financial success.

Always remember the golden words by our elders: We should never ignore our future to enjoy our present.

It’s important we have a steady and happy lifestyle lifetime.   

Establish a Network:

In this ever changing world establishing our own network is extremely important. 

It’s a fact that people with good networking skills are successful.

It’s always good we help the needy and we do reach out if we need any help out of our network. 

Practice Managing a Dairy: 

It’s one of the powerful ways to inspire and motivate ourselves. A proven self starter to take our journey of life forward.

Dairy here can be a planner to plan our day, to plan our future. It can be an organizer that makes us more organized, a journal of our day to day expenses, a book of our learning and experiences. 

Good Habits For A Better & A Healthy Life Style
Good Habits :

Hope these habits will encourage us all to make a few important changes to our lifestyle to become better and healthier.

Do feel free to share this with your family and friends if you feel this can be of help.

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