Easy And Simple Lifestyle Changes For A Healthy Living

Lifestyle changes
Lifestyle Changes :

The way we live is what our lifestyle is and it reflects our attitude. It’s very important we make changes to our lifestyle for a healthy living. 

Remember a Healthy Lifestyle is the basic key for a Healthy Living.

Here, I share a few easy and simple lifestyle changes that will make a huge impact on our day to day lives. 

     I have put them short and simple thus making them self-explanatory 

  1. Start the day with a glass of Water. 
  2. Never skip Breakfast.
  3. Include plenty of Fruits and Vegetables in your diet.
  4. Eat slowly and enjoy your Food.
  5. Practice Self-care and take time for self.
  6. Create Morning Routines that you love to start your day with.
  7. Take Stairs as and when possible.
  8. Practice spending time with Nature.
  9. Have a Smile on your face as much as possible.
  10. Practice Early Rise and Early To Bed.
  11. Practice Recycle.
  12. Set New Goals that keeps you motivated and work towards them.
  13. Indulge yourself in what you Love.
  14. Step away from your Desk at least once every hour.
  15. Never take any Major Decisions in anger.
  16. Practice to Raise Hand for help when things are out of control. 
  17. Don’t look for Perfection in all acts.
  18. Practice being Organised.
  19. Don’t Compare yourself to others. 
  20. Maintain Work life balance.
  21. Have a Control over Social Media usage.
  22. Practice Sustainable living/Green Lifestyle.
  23. Track our Progress and celebrate the Milestones. 
  24. Take out Negativity for self.
  25. Practice Breathing techniques.
  26. Improve and maintain good Posture.
  27. Have a Role Model.
  28. Try Meditation.
  29. Don’t try to Change and expect Change in every thing just at once.
  30. Manage Stress.

Here are few lifestyle changes that I share for a healthier me and you, these changes will definitely make us feel happy.

I am sure that when we start practicing them even our children will adopt the same. 

A study shows that parents who practice a healthy lifestyle, their children are more likely to become healthy and adopt the same lifestyle.

Remember, there are many researches conducted and they have proved that Lifestyle Changes Can Really Improve Our Health.

Happy to share one of such researches and its outcome which is overwhelming.

The research project was by name “A Healthy Heart” and the article was by name – 

Do Lifestyle Changes Improve Health ? — Can lifestyle changes really improve people’s health ?

The results of the research as per the transcript have appeared in the Bulletin Of ‘The World Health Organization’ in Jan 2009.   

Lifestyle Changes
Lifestyle Changes :

Do please share your comments and thoughts if any and also feel free to share this with your family and friends if you feel this can be of help.

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