Daily Routine To Keep Our Mind Sharp – For A Better Lifestyle

Sharper Mind
To Keep Our Mind Sharp :

The Fact: It’s Always Best To Keep Our Mind Sharp.

In the present day world it’s very important to keep our Mind sharper and smarter,no matter our age.

The sharper mind will open up the ways to think better and smarter and help us to take effective and right decisions.

I personally feel that sharper and smarter mind is one of the best ways for us to have a better life.

Here, I share a few daily routine tasks that will help in keeping our mind sharper.

Exercise Regularly

It’s a proven fact that exercising regularly keeps us sharper.

A study shows that people who exercise regularly and keep themselves fit are better than the other group who do not exercise, be it being faster in their tasks, better decision making, being better responsive, taking up new challenges, almost anything for that matter.

Learn, Learn and keep learning

Make a practice to keep learning new things that creates value addition. Make a resolution like “As long as I live so long do I learn”.

A study found that continuous learning is directly associated with a sharper and better memory and this is more important as we age.

It’s always good to learn anything good that keeps us mentally sharper and stronger. This may even help us in meeting our social demands.

Maintain a healthy diet and sleep well

A healthy diet and a good sleep are two basic essentials for our overall health, be it physical or mental health.

A good diet can keep our brain and body healthy and this becomes key in maintaining the repositories of memories as we grow older.

A good sleep helps in keeping us fresh, sharper and more responsive.

Regularly work on building cognitive skills 

Cognitive skills are the core skills that our brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason and pay attention. The best way to build cognitive skills is be a student always.

It’s good to challenge ourselves mentally thus improving our thinking capacity.

This will also improve our confidence and helps in problem solving by taking appropriate decisions.

Trying to solve puzzles, reading actively, taking up a new hobby that’s challenging etc. are some of the good ways to improve cognitive skills.

Keep supplementing the memories

 As we grow older the other good way is by supplementing our memories.

It is good we start writing or making a note of things that are important so that we can remember them just by going through them.

They will be refreshing and help us to remember them accurately.

Using a calendar or planner to keep a track of important events would be a good option.

These are a few if followed daily can keep our mind sharper.

Sharper Mind
To Keep Our Mind Sharp :

Do please share your comments and thoughts if any and also feel free to share this with your family and friends if you feel this can be of help.

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