A Few Ways To Soothe A Crying Baby

Ways to soothe a Crying Baby
Ways To Soothe A Crying Baby : 

It’s our responsibility to take care of our baby.

One of the ways our babies communicate with us when they need their basic needs fulfilled is by crying.

At the beginning it will be tough for the parents to understand why the baby is crying and long cries will often make us restless.

It’s also challenging for the new parents to sooth a Crying Baby. But for sure over a period of time we will start understanding as to why baby is crying and understand their needs.

Here are a few reasons why a baby cries and the ways to soothe them.

Being Hungry

The most important reason why a baby cries is being hungry. It’s the fact that the babies cannot hold much and they often feel hungry. 

Soon after we start feeding them they may stop crying, it does not mean that they are full, it’s good we feed the baby till they stop taking.

Needs a sleep

Lack of sleep may be another reason why babies cry. Most of the time babies would go to sleep when they are tired and need a sleep.

I personally noticed that my kid used to make fuss and cry when he was over tired/strained. 

Here, I share a few ways that worked for me in soothing him and putting him to sleep.

By taking him and holding him close thus making him comfortable, by patting him at his back in regular intervals and keep moving, by eliminating the distractions around and by playing a lullaby song. 

Hope these tips would work.

Need a Diaper change

Remember, babies cry when they need a diaper changed. Very few can tolerate a dirty diaper but not for long.

Most of them will let us know when they feel it has to be changed. 

Changing it immediately when noticed would be better even if it late night. This will comfort the baby and get them back to sleep.

Need some fresh air

Taking them outside for a fresh air can sometimes be of great help. Mother Nature can always prove to be a good friend. 

The sound of the wind/ birds can calm them and help in getting back to sleep and make us aware that they are already nature lovers.

When not well

The other most important reason why a baby cries and needs an immediate attention is when they are not keeping well.

Remember, when the basic needs are met,  and if the baby is still crying and if you notice/feel the cry is different and abnormal it’s an alert of signs of illness.

A basic first aid if know can calm them down and it’s good to consult a pediatrician for the further diagnosis.

Ways to Soothe A Crying Baby
Ways To Soothe A Crying Baby :

Do please share your comments and thoughts if any and also feel free to share this with your family and friends if you feel this can be of help.

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