A Few Body Language Mistakes That Are To Be Avoided At Workplace

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Body Language Mistakes :

Body Language is the way we communicate to world non-verbally through our physical behavior.

Everyone wants to be better, better even professionally. We all work for a better career and a better professional life.

We have to remember that there are many parameters we get judged upon. Our body language for instance can be a parameter where we may get judged.

Remember, people may be able to understand as to what is happening/going on within us with our body language. 

Sometimes we may not be aware of the messages that gets transmitted by our body language until someone tells us. We communicate through our body language and this has a significant impact both on us and the audience. 

It’s important we realize it as we get watched by everyone in the corporate world. 

Many of us would have had an instance where a person would be talking some thing verbally but the body language would be completely different. 

Just recall the impression it would have created. 

Here are a few body language mistakes that we should try to stay away and are to be avoided at Workplace

Personal Space: 

Always remember, it’s important to maintain a healthy distance with the fellow colleagues, no matter how close they are to us.

We should never make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Too much into the personal space can be treated as a threat and can be considered as harassment if repeated often.

Remember, maintaining at least 3 feet distance will be good.

Eye Contact:

It’s very important to maintain the eye contact and it’s one of the important requirements for having better conversations. 

Good eye contact between each other is a sign that both parties are giving importance to the conversation.

Lack of proper eye contact is often treated as a sign that we may not be confident or we may not be interested in the conversation.

It is even said that lack of eye contact is a sign of lying or being dishonest when we are talking.

Nervous Gestures: 

Often our gestures that seem to be nervous must be avoided. Biting nails, touching the hair etc. are the examples of nervous gestures.

These gestures may send a wrong message and people may mistake us. It is very important that we send right messages, be it verbal or by our body language.

In the corporate world it may be treated as a sign of incompetency and in long run may reduce our credibility.


This is one of the bad gestures that is to be avoided. It can be easily noticed in meetings and conferences.  

Standing straight and steady usually gives a message that we are confident and alert.

Using Gadgets: 

Using any gadgets like mobile, tab and sometimes even laptop unless we are taking down the minutes may be considered unprofessional.

We may think we can just do it fast when no one is noticing us, but most of times we may get noticed. 

It is good we do not shift our attention from the conversation until and unless it’s required and it would be good if we inform that it is important and needs immediate attention.

Using gadgets regularly is a sign that we may not be interested in the meeting or the conversation and it may not be important to us. 

Too Big Gestures:

Remember our body language should synchronize to the needs and requirements.  

It is good we do not make too big gestures when not required and it may be considered as over confidence or being arrogant.

Separating our self from team: 

It’s important that we engage with our teams and be a good team player.

It may be normal and we may be shy when we start a new job but this should not be continued for longer. 

Separating our self from team may be treated as a sign that we are not interested and comfortable.

Legs/Arms Crossed: 

It is said that the legs/arms crossed is an indicator that we are not interested. The signs of disinterest.

People may even end the conversation with us if they notice us with our legs/arms crossed.

Crossed legs may sometimes be treated as a sign of Danger.

Nodding the head too many times:  

Nodding the head is one of the important things in a communication. It sends a signal to the communicator that we are able to understand his/her conversation and we do agree to it.

Remember, not too many times. Doing it too many times may send different signals and can be assumed a sign of indifference. 

It may sometimes even be assumed that we may need to have conversation closed fast and so we are nodding for everything.  

Forgetting the Cultural Differences:

The other important thing to be kept in mind is that the body language may have different meanings in different cultures.  

It is important that we keep it in mind when we are dealing with people from different countries and with different cultures.

Not carrying a Smile:

Smile plays a vital role.

A Smile is the universally accepted sign of being happy. Smile is also a sign of friendliness.  

One of the good ways to come out of nervousness is by carrying a smile on the face.

Not carrying a smile is one of the mistakes that has to be avoided always.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy at TEDGlobal says that Our body language may shape who we are.

Body Language Mistakes That Are To Be Avoided At Workplace, body language, body language mistakes, forabettermeandyou, best body language
Body Language :

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